Saturday, March 20, 2010

GROs getting RM300 a night

JOHOR BARU: Foreign women working as guest relations officers (GROs) here are paid about RM300 per night to “entertain” clients in pubs or other entertainment outlets.

The women, mostly from Indonesia, the Philippines, Vietnam and Thailand, usually have drinks with their customers, while some go the extra mile by offering sexual services to supplement their income.

Johor Immigration Department enforcement chief Masri Adul told The Star that the women entered the country using valid visitors’ passes but later abused their visas by working as GROs.

“We believe syndicates operating in Malaysia as well as in the women’s home countries are working together in this illegal business.

“We also believe the masterminds are wealthy businessmen with connections,” he said, adding that some syndicates hired gangsters to monitor the women’s activities.

He said that while department officers often detained these women and workers at the entertainment outlets, the “big fish” continued to be elusive.

“The syndicates’ masterminds or even owners of the outlets are often outside the country whenever a raid occurs.

“However, we are gathering intelligence to track them down and bring them to justice,” he added.

Masri said investigations revealed that most of the women entered the illegal business willingly, although some were deceived by promises of legitimate jobs.

“We have deported many of these women but new batches keep coming,” he said.

Masri added that the women resorted to almost anything to escape when detained by the authorities. - The Star

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