Wednesday, March 24, 2010

‘Allow direct intake of foreign workers’

JOHOR BARU: The Government should liberalise the recruitment of foreign workers by allowing small-medium enterprises and industries to hire them directly.

Malaysian Indian Business Association (MIBA) president P. Sivakumar said the problem involving the influx of foreign workers in the country started when outsourcing companies were given a free hand to import workers.

“Many of them abused the system and brought in thousands of workers. When there was no work, they left the workers stranded at airports and plantations.

“Obviously, the workers, who had paid huge amounts of money to come here, then went into hiding and worked illegally,” he said in an interview.

Sivakumar expressed confidence that the Government would be able to overcome the illegal immigrant problem if businesses requiring foreign workers were allowed to deal directly with embassies and high commissions.

Sivakumar said many businesses, especially restaurants, laundry shops, goldsmiths, barbers, hair salons and mini markets, were suffering as they had insufficient workers.

He said the association had been inundated with calls and complaints from members wanting the Government to either legalise or allow them to recruit foreign workers directly. - The Star

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