Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Arrested: Thai couple in Malaysian passport scam

BANGKOK: Police have arrested a Thai couple for alleged human trafficking using forged and tampered Malaysian passports.

Local media reported Tuesday that the suspects -- involved in making forged passports to send Thai workers to work in Malaysia -- were picked up at their home in the border town of Sadao, Songkhla, on Monday.

Seized from the house were 12 forged Malaysian passports, 42 Malaysian immigration cards, 10 Thai immigration cards, stamps, three handphones and several other forged documents.

The police zeroed in on the couple when a young Thai girl -- jailed in Malaysia for entering the country using a forged passport -- returned home and alerted the Thai authorities.

A police spokesman said the couple had used correction fluid to alter information on the passports.

“The victims were told that those were genuine documents which would enable them to work in Malaysia,” he said. -- The Star

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