Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Siti Hajar Happy To Be Going Home

KUALA LUMPUR, Aug 19 (Bernama) -- Siti Hajar, the Indonesian maid who was badly scarred after allegedly being repeatedly tortured by her employer, is happy to be going back to Indonesia but will be leaving without forgiving her employer after three years of seeking a livelihood here.

"I will not forgive her for as long as I live. I will alway remember this forever," said Siti Hajar whose painful ordeal received widespread local and foreign media attention.

Met at the Indonesian embassy here, Siti Hajar, 33, expressed gratefullness for being able to return to her family on Wednesday after being in Malaysia for three years.

"I feel happy for being able to go back and can't wait to meet my family and my three children," she said.

Siti, from Garut, West Java, Indonesia, fled from her employer's home in the Lanai Kiara Condominium, Mount Kiara on June 8 and sought refuge in the Indonesian embassy after she could not take alleged abuse over three years.

Siti Hajar's employer, Hau Yuan Tyng, a 43-year old single mother of two, was charged in the Sessions Court in June but pleaded not guilty to three charges of causing hurt to her maid.

"I am thankful to the Indonesian embassy for being caring and taking care of me till I recovered. Their care cannot be repaid and I will return to Malaysia to attend the trial later," said Siti Hajar.

If before she was seen to be disorientated and injured on her body, Siti Hajar was now seen to be cheerful and her injuries had healed.

Besides being able to meet her family, Siti Hajar was also happy to have got her back pay of RM17,000.

"I will use the money to buy a house and pay for my children's education," she said.

Siti Hajar said her ordeal will not deter her from working in Malaysia if given the opportunity.

"Eventhough a lot has happened but I will not be frightened off from being here," she said.

Meanwhile, Indonesia's ambassador, Tan Sri Dai'i Bactiar, said Siti Hajar will return to Malaysia to attend and hear the decision of the court on her alleged abuse which will be in October. -- BERNAMA

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