Saturday, August 1, 2009

Jobs Available For Retrenched Workers To Fill, Says Subramaniam

KOTA BAHARU, July 31 (Bernama) -- More jobs were available than the number of workers retrenched between October last year and July this year, Human Resource Minister Datuk Dr S. Subramaniam said Friday.

He said that between Oct 1 last year and July 29 this year, 31,700 workers were retrenched or given the option to resign while 38,527 vacancies were waiting to be filled, giving 6,827 more vacancies than people without jobs.

"This means that the people without jobs can fill the vacancies. They can even choose where they want to work," he told reporters after opening the 63rd annual general meeting of Kelantan MIC, here.

Subramaniam said the private sector registered the highest number of vacancies, which had to be filled by Malaysians and not migrant workers from Indonesia or Bangladesh.

He also said that between next month and the end of this year, there would be 4,820 vacancies which would have to be filled by Malaysians.


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