Wednesday, August 26, 2009

2,764 Sarawak Companies In Manpower Survey

KUCHING, Aug 25 (Bernama) -- The Human Resources Ministry has picked 2,764 Sarawak companies for a National Manpower Survey 2009, the outcome of which will be used by the government to formulate and legislate policies in line with the state's manpower requirements.

It said in a statement that the companies would be required to complete and return the National Employment Returns to the director of the Sarawak Labour Department, which has been entrusted with carrying out the survey, as provided for under Section 60 of Labour Ordinance.

The ministry said the forms were being distributed by temporary administrative staff appointed by the department, and employers were required to complete and return them within 30 days from the date stated on the forms.

For enquiries and details, the companies can contact the department's offices at 082-247349 (Kuching), 083-322527 (Sri Aman), 084-651242 (Sarikei), 084-330700 (Sibu), 084-796430 (Kapit), 086-337625 (Bintulu), 019-8595286 (Bakun), 085-419949 (Miri), 085-755693 (Marudi) or 085-211228 (Limbang), it said. -- BERNAMA

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