Saturday, August 8, 2009

1MALAYSIA Bebas-PATI : MEF Wants Hands-On Training To Be Expanded

PETALING JAYA, 7 August (Bernama)--- The Malaysian Employers Federation (MEF) today called on the government to expand the on-the-job training scheme to cover other industries as it was the most effective and affordable method of imparting skills to workers.

At present, the scheme only covered unskilled workers in the small and medium enterprise (SME) sector.

MEF executive director, Shamsuddin Bardan, told bernama that employers preferred this system because it involved least disruption to their production schedule as they were able to adjust the training sessions of their employees.

He said research had indicated that the employees also learnt faster and enjoyed such training sessions as it was very practical and easy to follow.

He said the classroom system of training was considered outdated as it was too boring and uninteresting as a lot of theory was taught which did not go down well with the workers.

The scheme carried out by the Human Resources Ministry's training arm - Pembagunan Sumber Manusia Bhd (PSMB)-- came into force on May 1.

Under the scheme, an employer was given financial assistance of up to RM5 per hour per trainee by PSMB.

Shamsuddin said the Ministry should allocate more funds for such hands-on training as it would be money well spent.

Under the government's economic stimulus package earlier this year RM180 million was allocated for various training schemes including for unemployed graduates and those retrenched.


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