Friday, June 12, 2009

Mandatory to TRANSFORM

Case 1
1. Maid Abuse in Malaysia - I was gagged and tied for two days.

2. EVERY night she cried herself to sleep, wondering if the abuse would ever end - Noryati

Case 2
3. Anguish of Siti Hajar : now in hospital, she just want to go home...

Reader's Opinion
4. Punish the abusers severely.

5. It's not only Siti, Monahara and so on: there is many undocumented abuse that is cover up. What gives the employer the right to abuse someone to this extent? Well, malaysians employers are one lot that really need to be disciplined, but alas, the rule, the law, doesn't really frighten many of us.


  1. why the malaysian government still allow Indonesian Muslim maids to work in a non-muslim employers?
    Can't you feel the psychological effect to the maid?

  2. 1. Berdasarkan peristiwa beginilah kenapa PATREE Malaysia cuba didaftarkan.

    2. PATREE Malaysia akan mengekang keganasan dan penganiayaan yang dilakukan oleh Majikan bagi mengelakkan pekerja dari menjadi PATI.

    3. Kes begini berkemungkinan meningkatkan bilang PATI jika pekerja lari dan bertukar majikan tanpa kebenaran.


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